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Brain Training Games
Lever Physics

In Lever Physics, balance the lever by placing the objects onto it in th...

| Played: 624
Moving Puzzle

In Moving Puzzle, move the circles into the squares to create the same p...

| Played: 1 085

In ENERGYBALL, light up all the lamps with your ball of energy to move t...

| Played: 543
Walls Logic

Build a wall in every square on the grid to complete Walls Logic. The...

| Played: 603
Water Jars

Your problem solving skills will be put to the test in Water Jars where ...

| Played: 634
Geography Games
Statetris Brazil

In Statetris Brazil, the idea is to place the countries/states in the co...

| Played: 509
Statetris Japan

In Statetris Japan, the idea is to place the countries/states in the cor...

| Played: 557
Statetris Germany

In Statetris Germany, the idea is to place the countries/states in the c...

| Played: 533
Statetris Africa

In Statetris Africa, the idea is to place the countries/states in the co...

| Played: 762
Statetris Italy

In Statetris Italy, the idea is to place the countries/states in the cor...

| Played: 510
Math Games
Math Equations

Test out your math and memory skills in Math Equations. Click on the ...

| Played: 559

Put your counting skills to the test in this fast paced math game. So...

| Played: 590

Select a sum to answer out of the hexagons. The difficulty of each su...

| Played: 633
Demolition Math

Work out the answer to the sums and click on the detonator to set off an...

| Played: 583
Math Minute - Sequences

Complete as many of the math sequences as you can in a minute. Type i...

| Played: 559
Music Games
Pumpkin Dude

Pumpkin Dude will play a series of notes with his guitar and you must re...

| Played: 641
Virtual Guitar

Have you always wanted to try playing the guitar but don't have a real g...

| Played: 727
BobiBobi Composer

Select your instrument and create your own music in BobiBobi Composer. ...

| Played: 631
Guitar Drum Revolution

Hit the corresponding arrow keys as they reach the arrows at the top of ...

| Played: 819
Beat Jockey

Beat Jockey is a fun musical game that will have you rocking the tunes. ...

| Played: 2 439
Preschool Games
Fish Maze

Make your way through the Fish Maze. Guide the fish through the maze ...

| Played: 791
Cheetah Maze

Make your way through the Cheetah Maze. Guide the cheetah through the...

| Played: 811
Cute Elephant Maze

Make your way through the Cute Elephant Maze. Guide the elephant thro...

| Played: 567
Toy Land Difference

In Toy Land Difference, spot the difference in each set of pictures to m...

| Played: 501
Doggy Day Care

Help look after the puppies in Doggy Day Care. Keep the puppies happy...

| Played: 493
Spelling Games
Spelling Bee

Use the Spelling Bee to spell words and stop the flowers from dying. ...

| Played: 880
Flower Shop Spell

Keep the business open by using your spelling to make money in Flower Sh...

| Played: 761
Word Builder Pro

Create words in Word Builder Pro by adding the letters to the grid. T...

| Played: 1 218
Mind Flipper

Make as many words as you can in Mind Flipper to score points. Click ...

| Played: 711
Spell Words

Use the letters to make words and watch them disappear in Spell Words. ...

| Played: 559